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Yogi support team: Massage and Chiropractic

Every Yogi needs a chiropractor and a massage therapist.  Here’s why…

Not what everyone does with their spine.1. All advanced machines need maintenance.  What we do in Yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation) is use our bodies at a level very different than day to day life.  If you are like me you had a couple decades of modern living before you came to the mat.  During the process of increasing range, flexibility and strength, there are likely to be some tweaks.  Just like real life, if you don’t address these small issues, they will grow into bigger ones.  I don’t know about you, but I love learning new poses and pushing my body in new directions, but I then balance that wonderful growth with care and attention from people who can make sure everything (muscles, tendons, vertebrae) are back where they should be.

Small tweaks, big impacts2. Your sensitivity is going up.  Many people walk around all out of whack.  “Old sports injuries” is something I hear from students often.  And they go on to address this pain or that ache with some over the counter pill to numb the pain.  This is suboptimal.  As Yogis we start to learn that the sensations tell us things and need to listen them.  (We also know that pain killers, also kill balance, which is handy in Yoga.)  We enjoy more sensations as well become more in tune with our bodies.  Like peeling layers off an onion, we become  aware of misalignment and tensions in our body.  This is a gift.  The intelligent intervention of a Chiro and/or massage therapist will help put us on course so those hours on the mat can increase balance instead of reinforcing unhealthy patterns in the body.

Bad bike accident
Shoulder on left lower than on right...

3. When things go wrong, you want your support team already in place.  One downside to being a Yogi is that you go to an MD/PT/Chiro/Massage therapist after an accident or a spill and say “My X isn’t right, I can’t move it as much.”  They have you move around and say “Your range of motion is 2x better than most of my patients, go home take some Advil and come back in a few weeks.”  That is when I say “You’re fired.”  But who can blame them?  They see people whose bodies are tied up in knots, then injured and when an injured Yogi walks in, no big deal.  If you already see a therapist/chiro for maintenance, then they know the body, they can define normal–and they can help get you back there.  So they know what to look how, how much your body can handle and what needs help.

Separated shoulder!  Ouch.I’ve had various minor falls and tumbles off the mat and on my bike.  I get into my chiro, he looks adjusts and I’m can feel that things are back in order.  This is all the more important when things go really wrong.  Like when I took a flip off my bike and separated my shoulder.  So not good.  One of DC’s best orthos told me not to move, take lots of drugs and come back in 6 weeks to see about surgery.  Fired.

After homeopathics, meditation and many thoughtful gentle chiropractic adjustments, I was back to normal (handstanding) in a few months.

Who are mine?  I could rave about each of these for a while, but you know how I feel if you’ve read these far.  These are the people I spend time and money seeing regularly.  Check them out.

Dr. Anthony Noya (Chiropractic) & Sarah Lawrie (Massage)

Dr. Noya specializes in pre and post natal as well as children, so you will find many patients in the waiting room (he does not take appointment, just has office hours).  You will run into many Yogis in that office.

Take care of this body, you only get one per life.