Today’s must reads in Yoga – on Sex Cults and Anusara

When I set up this blog, I had visions of book reviews, occasional insights and musings on the DC yoga scene.  But then the NY press declared war on Yoga and Anusara blew up.  I’ll get to those other ambitions later, but for now, let’s try to keep our attention on this fascinating developments.

Anusara - Here is there just one article to read, Doug Brooks letter explaining why Anusara should simple disolve instead of trying to reinvent itself.  He is responding to the announcement by the new Anusara CEO announcing a 50/50 split with JF.  I tend to agree with Doug Brooks, but as we can see Anusara is big business, and while it may be the right thing to do, many people will cling to existence of a nice big branded tent, and (?) who knows how much money is flowing in the form of royalties, product sales and endorsements.  Like I said earlier, it is starting to look like all these resignations are just step one in what will be remembered as the great Anusara Fire Drill, everyone out, and then back in.

NYT/Sex Cult(Sorry about the graphic, I just thought it was too perfect, maybe they put Broad up to this?) William Broad’s article in the NYT drew fire from me and others yesterday, but today I read three great responses, if you have the time here are they are any why you need to read them:

  1. Please join my sex cult is just entertaining and does a more thourogh job than I did of pointing out how absurd that article was.
  2. Yoga and Tapas speaks directly to the ancient obscure origins of yoga and reminds us that there is not one core text, despite some teacher training progam’s penchant for telling new students that the Sutras are that.
  3. Sex and Yoga: A Broad distorted view of Yoga history offers a useful primer on Tantra

Happy reading!

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